Materials we transload

Transloading, storing and delivering bulk commodities from the Duluth-Superior Harbor

Hallett’s modern facilities, state-of-the-art material handling equipment, locomotives, extensive rail network, which interchange with four national railroads, coupled with our experienced personnel, have and continue to, transload, stockpile, and ship a wide variety of bulk commodities. The extensive acreage on our two maritime docks and our one transload facility gives us the flexibility to handle 200,000 tons of one product, 10,000 tons of another and 2,000 tons of yet another while maintaining sufficient separation of the three to ensure no cross contamination.

Commodities handled include but are not limited to:

Bentonite Clay Sinter feed petroleum coke class 5 & 6
Bentonite Clay – (Wyoming) paper industry, oil drilling, iron ore agglomerating agent Sinter Feed – (Mesabi Range) added to blast furnaces for production of iron/steel Petroleum Coke – (Billings, MT and Pine Bend, MN) fuel for production of industrial heat Class 5 & 6 – (Rogers City, MI) Lake Huron, Michigan, base material for road construction and concrete foundations
black diamond slag salt coal limestone
Black Diamond Slag – (Chicago) the manufacture of granules for shingles at the Certinteed plant in Woodbury, Minnesota Salt – (Godrich, ONT) ice control on Wisconsin and Minnesota roads and highways Coal – (Wyoming) fuel for industrial process, heat in Mesabi taconite plants Limestone – (Rogers City, MI) sugar beet production in Minnesota’s Red River Valley and flux for Mesabi Range iron ore/taconite pellets
millscale blastfurnacetrim

Calcium Chloride – (Michigan) dust suppression on roads and ice control

Chrome Ore – (Montana) production of glass, ferrochrome

Urea – (Saudi Arabia) fertilizer for Western Minnesota and North Dakota farmers

Slag – (Chicago) production of rock wool at Red Wing, Minnesota and manufacturing ceiling tile at Cloquet, Minnesota

Mill Scale – (Manitoba) used in Blast Furnace iron production Blast Furnace Trim

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