Three modern facilities
Three Modern Facilities Hallett Dock No. 5 Hallett Dock No. 6

Hallett Dock No. 5, Duluth, Minnesota
Hallett Dock No. 8, Superior, Wisconsin

  • Maritime facilities with seaway draft capacity
  • Providing access for vessels or barges to either deliver commodities or be loaded for delivery to ports in the Eastern Great Lakes, Canada, or Europe.

Hallett Dock No. 6, Duluth, Minnesota

  • Dedicated to the trans-loading of a variety of bulk commodities from rail to truck or truck to rail for delivery to customers.

The location of Hallett’s three facilities in the Duluth-Superior harbor, coupled with a major highway network and a national rail system facilitates the efficient handling and timely delivery of a wide variety of products.

Hallett Dock Company

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