Hallett Dock 5
Hallett Dock 5

Duluth, MN

"Outgoing dock" focused primarily on receiving material by either rail or truck, stockpiling, and loading vessels for shipment to a variety of customers

Location: Inner harbor, 37th Avenue West and St. Louis Bay

Size: 100 acres (404,686 square meters) of total property

Dock Dimensions: 2,500 feet long (760m) by 300 feet wide (90m) of paved surface, plus a back dock 2,000 feet long (760m) by 370 feet wide (113m)

Machinery: Front end loaders, conveyors and screening plant, rail car unloader, switching locomotive and two (2) ship loaders

Bulk Storage Capacity: 800,000 tons (725,750 metric tons)

Dry Storage: The 130’ x 385’ wood laminated arch building on Dock No. 5 provides 20,000 tons of dry storage. The building’s location—adjacent to the Dock No. 5 slip, coupled with an extensive rail network—provides a number of options to the customer:

  • Vessel directly to dry storage
  • Dry storage to vessel
  • Rail to dry storage
  • Truck to dry storage
  • Dry storage to either truck or rail

Rail: Rail serviced by the BNSF and CN railroads

Products handled at Dock 5 range from bentonite clay, chrome ore, sinter feed, blast furnace trim, mill scale, and iron concentrate. The keys to the success of this operation are the Hallett-owned rail yard (which allows us to do our own switching) and a state-of-the-art rail car unloading system and material handling equipment which efficiently transfers the products from rail car to dock face.

visit Dock No. 6 and Dock No.8

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